Kimberly Darwin 2019

About Me

My name is Kimberly Darwin and I believe in magic.

The kind of magic that I believe in is the remembrance that I am fully responsible for creating my reality through my thoughts, deeds and actions. And I mean all of my reality.  Beyond wishing for a new car, conscious creation is also about taking responsibility for all of the "unwelcome" occurrences in one's life.  It's about accepting the role as a creator of the darkness as well as the light.

So if you meet me, I will view you differently than you may view me.  I will address you as I would want myself addressed, with respect, compassion and the lack of judgment about who you choose to be and where you are on your path.  Since you are a reflection of me, I know that you, too, have the confidence to handle anything that comes your way.

And so I value your arrival, and the time we spend together.  If you are in my purview, then you are serving the honorable role of reflecting something back to me---about myself. And since you are busy forging your own path, I am honored to reflect something back to you---about yourself.

You could call us ocean spray.  The foamy drops that separate from the wave as it crashes against shore.  Each drop endowed with all of the power of the ocean itself, yet for a few moments we feel separate from it; and our world looks different from that perspective.  Eventually all drops will return back to the ocean, taking any number of varied paths to arrive there.


I offer encouragement to anyone who desires to exercise their latent power of conscious creation, implemented with integrity.

We've been told that many things are impossible.  Yet if one human can do the impossible, then any human can.  The only limit to this is one's own belief about how strongly the agreed-upon framework governs their world. As the framework crumbles, the line between possible and impossible begins to blur.


The fun starts when the magic is allowed in.

You might see me speak about fringe subjects such as extraterrestrials, trigger messages or timelines, and it may make you uncomfortable about the material I present.  Good!  You've hit a nerve, and that's exactly why you arrived at my material.  There are no accidents and nothing is random when you're creating your own reality.

It doesn't matter whether you believe what I say or not.  Either way, just by your reading this, I have performed a role in your life.  I've planted a seed that may grow into further internal exploration of your belief systems.  And, being a fellow drop in our mutual ocean, I will be here to water that seed whenever you find yourself thirsty for more.

We are all master creators.  There is not a single ability that any human possesses that another lacks; the only marked difference is that one that believes in those abilities will thus experience them; while another who abides by stricter limitations in the framework will see a more limited world reflected back to them.

Knowing this, my quest is to strip myself of all limitations, acknowledging that ALL limitations are self-imposed. There are no rules forced upon us by an oppressive shadow government, a ruling family, or the dark forces from Orion.  These are labels we've chosen to cast the blame elsewhere while we're playing the game of being human; and as the consciousness expands, so we learn to accept the responsibility of being our own oppressors in all aspects of the game.

So what does magic look like?

Time, distance and space are merely agreed-upon collective constructs (also called root assumptions) defining the framework of the Earthly simulation.  Once you remember that these constructs can be busted at any time during the game, you recapture your superpowers, and then life gets fun.

Time gets wonky.  Things happen out of order. People show up and disappear in front of your eyes.  Voices arrive with a wisp of wind to point you in a particular direction. Breadcrumbs mark the way. Colors, shapes, sounds, feelings, and concepts all transform and expand in scope as trust turns to belief, through repeated occurrences that can no longer be explained away as coincidence. Magic happens because one opens the door to letting it in.

It is this remembrance that led me to launch various endeavors such as the Allowing Project; all are related to the expansion of consciousness and the restoration of personal power.

The Allowing Project

The Allowing Project is the culmination of several earlier versions of tools that I created to encourage users to embrace the excitement of forging one's own reality.  It was designed to lure limiting beliefs to the surface to be observed head-on, from within the loose constructs of a game.  With a bit of levity added to the mix, our analytical mind can relax just a bit....after all, it's just a simulation.  We can suspend doubt for just a short time while ensconced in play.

I hope that you enjoy journaling your perfect day.  I hope that you incorporate laughter, and silliness, and childlike wonder about the possibilities that life on Earth offers to you, once the blinders are off.  It is my sincere wish that you view each day as you'd love to experience it---bigger than you have ever imagined it before--- while expanding and loving all of the diversity that exists on this planet.  I am honored to play a role in your life.


About the human me:

I am a Medical Reiki Master (that means I deliver energy to individuals wishing to heal themselves, even in the operating room) as well as a Graduate Gemologist, which justifies my obsession with crystals.  I stay grounded through target shooting (Glock 17, for those who always want to ask), and attending motorcycle and auto racing events.  I am a resident artist at the Teale Sculpture studio in Hawthorne, California, at which I create sculpture of the various extraterrestrials that often monopolize my vision until I've documented them somewhere, as well as custom pet urns featuring glass and stone mosaic.  You can see a few of my pen and ink drawings at Tiny Arches.

I am nearing completion of a VR game to jumpstart the expansion of consciousness (still secret, but there's a teaser here), and a pilot for a sitcom about lightworkers entitled "Mostly Woke."

My YouTube channel was created for those just awakening to their power as creators.

My blog, Are You Awakening, includes material created for those at various stages in their awakening process.

I am a conscious Deathwalker, one who accompanies dying souls to the other side during the death transition. We ensure that the journey of passing to the afterlife is as comfortable as possible, especially if the death was unexpected, painful or tragic. This has been a calling of mine since Egyptian times, and it makes for a fun day while still living a human life in a big city...with all of the limiting constructs of the 3D physical world.

I live in West Hollywood, California, with my motorcycle (a vintage Kawasaki), a sports car name Harmony, and an infinite number of friends existing in all dimensions. You can reach me here.