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Since you'll be documenting your perfect past, it's a good idea to write it prior to going to bed, as if you had just lived it.  This helps you write in the past tense, which is the format needed to solidify your perfect day as a past memory. If you get up very early, with plenty of time before the need to prepare for your day, then feel free to write in your Allowing Project journal the morning after.  Do your best to be consistent about adding entries, so that you can capitalize on adding positive memories to your personal past.  
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The more often you get yourself into the vibration of feeling good in your life, the more you get yourself into alignment with Source. This Source is the part of you that can see the bigger picture, the main theme of your life. Releasing resistance allows your Higher Self to better guide you.

By writing in your journal, you train yourself to move to a higher frequency. Since like attracts like, the more often you are in this higher frequency, the more you will draw to you things matching that frequency. Optimally, a single entry before you go to bed is a good way to get yourself into the habit of raising your vibration to attract the people, things and situations that you desire.

Category: How It Works

That depends on you. Your Allowing Project journal is an internal journey, on which you will consider any possibility that you can imagine, as well as the limitations you've put on yourself about what's possible. You'll learn about your doubts, and your hopes, and your fears, and your self-worth.

Your thoughts are filtered through your beliefs. When you change your beliefs, the impossible becomes possible.

Consider each doubt and ask yourself if it still applies to you. Who told you it was true? Is it really true? Or did you simply accept it as fact? Each time you ask yourself these questions, your doubts transform into trust.

You are the creator of your own reality. You are responsible for your thoughts, and you are also responsible for what appears in your physical world.

Category: How It Works

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