reliving past memory

Using Memories to Change Your Now

Every memory you have is stored in your cells for recall whenever you choose. And each memory contains a lesson.

You know what it feels like to look back at a memory.  Some memories make you feel happy when you relive them; others not so much.

These memories are always associated with a lesson. Yes, every memory.  Has. A. Lesson.

Don't worry, you're not required to go back and review them all.  I'm sure that you agree that there are some memories that stand out more than others. These are the memories to which I'm referring.

Think back to a happy memory.

In terms of the Allowing Project, it can be any memory that you've added to your journal, or any memory from your current physical past. Just as long as it brings you to a happy state when you relive it.

Let's say it was a friend's recent wedding.  What did you learn from that occasion?

Go deep, beyond, "I drank too much wine," to visceral feelings.  You may have drank too much wine, for sure; yet our lessons come on many levels. Register the fact that you drank too much, and go for the feelings you had at the event.

Think about how you felt while you were participating in that scenario.  Did you feel warmth? Joy? Envy? Loneliness?

These are the lessons we're aiming for. It's easy for the feelings to get buried along with the memory, for we don't take the time  (blame it on the wine!) to process the actual moments as we're living them. So down they go, waiting for you to feel them when you revisit that memory.

You can revisit these moments at any time.  You can re-feel the feelings you had during those events, that didn't register in your awareness back then. This is how we heal. This is how we get the blocked energy out of our system, and allow for higher states of being to fill in those holes.

Now for happy memories, this is great.  Why would I want to revisit the not-so-happy ones?

"We don't want to feel that again!"

Well then expect more not-so-happy events to occur for you.

Those sad memories are trapped lower thought forms.  They will remain in your signature (the energetic version of YOU in all of your forms) unless you release them, leaving room for higher energy to fill in those gaps. This is how we evolve.

If you didn't acknowledge your feelings real-time, while the event was happening, then that trapped energy will steer your subconscious in tricky ways.  You'll experience more occurrences that result in the feelings you chose not to address.  In essence, you will have more chances to feel that icky feeling once more, because you didn't get the lesson the first time.

You can stop this Groundhog Day from occurring by looking back at a past memory that still gives you pain.  You don't have to relive every moment -- rather, just feel what you felt about the event as a whole. There's no need to hold onto those lower thought forms any longer.

Have a cry, and wish them goodbye.  And remind yourself that things really do work out for you. Go for a run. Pet your cat.  Write a poem!  These are all good ways of releasing that blocked energy to allow for better times to rush in.

And when you clear the holes and fill them back in with happier things, you're creating a much stronger foundation on which to build your exciting new life.

You've got this!

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