Start Your Allowing Project Journal in a few easy steps.


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1. Find yourself a journal that you love.

This could be a physical paper journal, found in any bookstore (or try these handmade journals from Soothi), or an online version that allows you to add photos, audio and drawings, stored encrypted in the Cloud.  I use the Day One app, since sometimes I write on my laptop, sometimes on my phone while I'm out and about.  This app will synch all of your entries together, complete with time stamps, and optional location information and weather info.  Plus, if you ever want to create a book from your Allowing Project journal, you can publish your journal in the click of a few buttons.

It doesn't matter which option you choose for your journal.  Just make sure it's fun, inviting and it helps you feel creative.

2. Date your entry.

Put today's date at the top of the page, if you are using a paper journal.  Online versions will automatically add the date and time stamp for you. You can choose to write in the morning, before you start your day, or at night, prior to bedtime.

3.  Start visualizing!

Here's where you give yourself permission to have fun.  Take a moment to consider that you have all of the abundance that you need, this very moment.  What would you do, then, if you had the freedom to create any lifestyle that you like?  Would you travel? Would you volunteer since you no longer worry about reporting to a 9 - 5 job? Would you create something that no one else seems to have created yet?  Would you lay on the beach all day and soak up the sun?

The rule is that THERE ARE NO RULES.

That's right.  Unless you share this journal with others, then this is your private space.  Expect no one to read it except for yourself. So you can be as wild, or lavish, or as lascivious, as you want to be.  This is your chance to find out all about the authentic self that is waiting to emerge.

So start imagining today as you would have it be, if all of your doubts about what you could achieve had suddenly vanished.

4. Now document your perfect day as if you've just finished it.

That's right.  This is best done prior to bed at night, as you will be writing about your perfect day as if you have just finished it.  Here's an example:

Today, Jesse and I met for lunch, and we enjoyed great food, wine and conversation.  I am so glad that I met a friend that's on my wavelength.  We get along so well and laughed the whole time.  We came up with some ideas for collaboration on an art installation, and that really got my imagination going.

It doesn't matter that you don't know who Jesse is yet.  It doesn't matter if you ate your lunch out of a battered take-out container in your cubicle during your 30-minute break at the call center. All that matters is that you can imagine sitting outside in a cafe, enjoying time with someone who makes you laugh, feeling the freedom and joy of it, and recognizing your creativity.

Each time you create and document a scene in which you are enjoying your day with no worries, you are utilizing the Laws of Creation to modify your vibration, thus modifying your life.

5.  Now close your journal

That's it!  Put your journal away until tomorrow, same time if you can, so that you forge the habit of adding new entries, and creating new things in your imaginary life.


So what's the trick?

No tricks here. We live in a free-will Universe. Remember the three Laws of Creation? Let's review how you are mastering them by writing in your Allowing Project journal:

The Law of Attraction: By getting excited about your perfect day, you raise your frequency---or state of being---to match the feeling of having exactly what you want.

The Law of Deliberate Intent: By choosing what you do in your perfect day, you're consciously visualizing and writing about the people, places and events you'd like to experience.

The Law of Allowing: By closing your journal after writing, and going to sleep, you let your desires go...allowing the Universe to take care of the details of delivering your order.