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Decluttering with Purpose - Ask Two Questions

Decluttering need not be an arduous task.  By asking two questions, you can decide whether something stays or something goes.

You know that some things in your life are outdated.  Staring at boxes piled up in a storage facility, or garage, or all of those clothes, can be daunting.  The decision-making process can be quite emotional when we are confronted with items from our past that come back into view.

Let's try to make it easier on you.  Start with one box, and ask yourself two questions about each item in the box.

Hold it in your hand and use whatever senses come into play while holding it.

  1. Does this thing bring me up or down when I hold it?
  2. Does this thing stand for something to me?

Here's why we need only ask these two questions.

The first question is about the energy embodied in the thing you're holding.

  • "It reminds me of bad times."
  • "It doesn't fit me anymore."
  • "Oh this thing always makes me smile."

The energy associated with anything interacts with you if it's in your surroundings. Whether or not it's packed away in a box, you are still intertwined.  If you are holding onto things that bring you down, then perhaps it's time to let them go.

The second question allows you to determine its symbolism.

  • "Oh my sister gave me that.  It reminds me of her."
  • "Meh, I bought it at Marshall's."
  • "This fits in nowhere in my life anymore.  That was the old me."

Remember, you're growing.  Things that used to be important in your life fall out of priority. Perhaps we stored them away just in case, but as you evolve, you'll probably no longer find them relevant.  This can also apply to something your sister gave you, by the way.  You can send that item off with love, if it no longer brings you joy.

So remember:

How does it feel?

What does it symbolize?


This gives you, and the item, a chance to communicate with each other, and part ways if you no longer resonate.  It's OK.  That item is sure to resonate with someone.

Otherwise, we wouldn't have any thrift stores!