learning to meditate

Guided Meditations for Those Getting Started

Are you looking for some guided meditations to help solidify your new belief systems?  Help is near!

Establishing a meditation practice can be intimidating when just starting out.  Are we doing it right?  Are we sitting there long enough?  Why can't we clear out our minds?

Let me tell you one thing that might make it easier:

Take all of the instructions you've ever heard about how to meditate, and throw them out the window.

One of the most limiting beliefs that humans hold is that of structure.  We're told that if we don't sit in lotus position, or brush those invading thoughts away like "clouds," that we're doing it wrong.  As if Source cares how you sit!

Your Higher Self is thrilled that you are wanting to communicate at all.  Do you think it is concerned about all that structure? NOPE!

In old times, those teaching meditation wanted us to follow their instructions, because it worked for them, and so it must work for you.  Of course, this could be true, but as you'll find out while creating your Allowing Project journal, there are an infinite number of paths to get to where you want to go.  You need not follow any one path just because it worked for another person.  You don't need that much structure to start your meditation practice.

There is only one guideline:  That you want to connect with your Higher Self.  That's it.

Yet, to start any new practice, you may prefer some assistance that gives you the sense of some structure.  Guided meditations are a perfect start for that.

Hint:  You don't have to sit in any particular position!  Choose a location and posture that helps you feel comfortable.  It's difficult to focus inward when your body is screaming with pain. Headphones are recommended, though, to help eliminate outside noises.

The Internet is loaded with guided meditations, in which a soft voice assists your mind in focusing on the space in between your thoughts.

Here are some options, free and paid, to get you started.  Try listening to a sample first, to see if the voice appeals to you.  You should be able to relax and still hear the guidance as you relax into your meditation.

Free option:

Lilian Eden on YouTube

Lilian is a powerhouse of guided meditations, with subject matter from finding your inner child to visiting past lives.  Everything is free.  If you really like how she makes you feel, then you may consider using an online converter to convert the video into mp3 so that you can listen while you fall asleep at night.  You probably don't need the visuals anyway.



Paid option:

Sacred Acoustics

These paid versions of both guided and unguided meditations are created by Dr. Eben Alexander, the author of Proof of Heaven.  Not only are there gentle guided meditations, but also check out the binaural audio that can modify your brain wave states to the Alpha, Theta and Delta states.



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