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Recognizing the Messages You Send to Yourself

There is a part of you that sees more than you do. And it sends you messages all day long.  Messages infused with the authentic you, whether that be a quirky, slapstick or a calmer sort of conscience.

These messages and codes were created for you for the joy of it, and they can be delivered in all sorts of tones, from conservative to downright slapstick.  They are placed in specific slices of time and space for you. 

Will you take notice?  Or are you too busy doing other things?

These messages are clues, tools, and reminders.  They are positioned just so, to encourage you along according to your master plan; if you take the bait and consider the possibilities of adding their information to your thoughts.

The authentic You can see the big picture. 

It knows the composition of your perfect ideal blueprint template; from the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual perspectives.  It is your cheerleader, leaning over that manmade barrier on the sidelines with your cup of water as you chug by.

During your race, take the time to look for things that stand out to you.  A color, a combination of words or numbers, or a message so specific to you that it would make sense to no one else.  Anything that appears odd for the situation, the place, or the time is an indication that a message is waiting for you.

These are your personal codes.  They contain information to propel you forward, as well as provide richness and depth to your life through their symbolic repetition.


You placed them there.  And you forgot.

And you forgot, so that you could remember.


Find the codes, my friends! 

They need not be spy-like intel, embedded with paranoid secrecy in public documents, unless that thrills you. Messages appear in every aspect of your life, received through every physical sense like hearing that you use on a daily basis, including the non-physical senses in the form of intuition.

  • They could be in the lyrics of a random song playing right now.
  • In the balance of colors of a bouquet of flowers you’ve just bought.
  • In the swirling dance of oil and water in a puddle at the gas station.
  • In the placement of an animal’s markings.

Just a few examples of how the beautiful messages and codes are sent to us, by us, to help guide ourselves along.

If they seem odd or out of place, perfect! Don’t dismiss them without taking note.  This unusual piece of information will fit in somewhere, soon enough.  You’ll be glad that you wrote it down, for later you will revel at your creational abilities when you review your notes.

There’s nothing more satisfying to the doubting human than proof.

If you doubt the applicability of random occurrences, then feel free to ask for a message.  Ask for a sign that will have relevance only to you.  You need not even define what that is.  It’s more fun that way.

Then let it go.  Go do something else.

When you are focusing elsewhere, note if something catches your eye, or your ear, or your nose for that matter.  When it does, write it down somewhere.  No detail is too small.

This information will bloom in you like a flower, as it works itself into your life story.  It is experiences such as these that propel your creational abilities forward, since now you have more personalized information with which to build your perfect day.

Satisfy that part of you until you no longer need the proof.   Soon, as you ease into accepting such messages as valid forms of communication with yourself, your doubts will subside.

And your creational confidence will skyrocket.


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