stress and mistakes

What Happens To Your Mistakes

Ohhhhh, no.  Something unexpected happened to you.  You made a mistake! So you sit and wonder what you did wrong to create such a thing.  What a mess.

“It wasn’t supposed to happen like this.  This is not what I want,” you might say.

Yet if it is showing up in your reality, you DID want it, or it wouldn’t be there.  But in charged emotional situations like this, it's easy to doubt ourselves as creators.  A barrage of questions might flare up:

Am I doing it right?  Am I on the right path?  Will I get there?  Am I wasting time?  Where should I be looking?  What should I be doing? Why did this bad thing happen to me?

There is one truth that answers all of these questions at once:


There is no invalid creation.


That's right.  There are no mistakes.

Everything that you create, whether it be what you consciously intended--or not--is a valid contribution to Life.

You're serving the world even with your "mistakes." Your creations are energetic transmissions cast out into the world, and that energy is is recycled--with your essence mixed in--to form the world that others experience.  Physical objects, moods, chance meetings, whatever.


So what to do about your own "mistake"?

Here are a few ways to look at it:

• Recognize it as a good lesson.

• Realize that this was a better option than what you thought you had wanted.

• Use your problem-solving skills to find a fun way out of it.


This goes for art.  This goes for conversations.  For jobs that didn’t work out.  For relationships that end sooner than we’d like. For uneven haircuts, and for scrapes from tripping on the sidewalk.

Remember that your creations are fueling the growth of others, and find what's good about that.


Consider one more thing:  that “mistake” of yours could be someone else’s greatest gift. 

Lost a $100 bill when you were a little tipsy?  That found money could have been used to pay the finder’s power bill, hours before it would be shut off.

You never really know how your creations affect someone else; we don’t give ourselves much of a view of the big picture while we’re in these bodies.  So consider where your thoughts go when you make what you would consider a “mistake.”

Do you beat yourself up about it?

If so, recall a time when things worked out alright from a “past” misdirected creation.  When you got something better than you could have imagined.  You probably called it “luck.”  It could have been the result of someone else's "mistake."

This is how you can maximize the joy from your creations, by remembering that there are no invalid ones.  Perhaps unexpected...but expectations are a human limitation that you’re learning to leave behind.

Every single creation of yours is a precious gift to others, even if it doesn't look like it to you.  The act of creation of any experience is a worthy contribution to the world...and it’s how our Universe expands.

So create on, beautiful beings.  You can't make a mistake.